Thursday, 3 October 2013

What does quasi-magical properties mean?

"Quasi" is a by-word meaning "partly" or "semi". In the context of this question it can also mean "minor", "insignificant" or "not worth of note".

How do you get the mean of a data set?

Add together all the number in the data set.
Count the number of numbers in the data set.
Divide the sum by the number of values. That is the (arithmetic) mean.
If a question simply asks for the mean, it is referring to the arithmetic mean.

To find the geometric mean, count up the number of numbers in the data set and call than n. Multiply all the numbers together and take the nth root.

Need For Scientific Attitude in School Children?

This is subjective. Many people believe there is a need for fostering a scientific attitude in schools and in children. Scientific attitude encourages curiosity, questioning an issue, recognizing a problem, and promotes a logical approach to an issue.

What is the best way to skive off school?

Don't skive off school too much if you care about your future. You might need a decent education. Having skived a few times though, I have skived school and not been found out but this does not mean that you will get away with skiving.
1) One way to skive off school is to pretend to be ill. If you aren't a talented actor or actress then this might just been seen as a stupid stunt by your parents and you might not get away with skiving because it seems obvious to whoever is caring for you that you are trying to skive.
2) Another way to skive is to go to school and then leave school. You'll have to know a secret and easy route out of school to do this and decide beforehand. If you're going to do this then don't go to form or lessons because they will see that you were in school but you have gone.
3) Pretend to be sick when your in school and ask to be sent home. Again, if your a really awful actor or actress then there's no point trying it.
4) If you walk to school simply dont go to school, go elsewhere and ring in school, or get a trusted friend who wont grass, to ring school and tell them that you are off because *insert reason here*. Be outside school on time if you're being picked up.
5) If you are left home alone and told to go to school, you can stay at home. Again just call in with an excuse or get somebody else to do so and if you're picked up from school get back to school on time.

don't skive.


the harder you work in your youth the easier your future will be.

What is 3.25 in fraction form?

3.25 as a fraction is 325/100

How many syllables does especially have?

There are 4 syllables in the word especially.

Does wild have one syllable?

Wild has one (IPA: /wɑɪld/) or two (IPA: /wɑɪ.jəld/) syllables, depending on your accent.